Pineapple Paradise Shower Jelly

Our Shower Jelly is great for bringing some fun to your shower!

Grab your pot, jump in the shower OR bath and lather up!

Three key ingredients are used to make our Jellies super kind to skin. Seaweed, Almond and Sunflower oils will keep your skin soft, as you wash in the fluffy and fragrant bubbles.

They are super slippery, but they are also super fun! This one smells of all things tropical, Juicy Pineapples and creamy Coconuts!

How to use:

Break off a small chunk and lather into a sponge, or take the whole Jelly out of the pot and rub it directly on your skin for mountains of soft, creamy bubbles! When you are finished, pop the Jelly back in it’s pot ready for next time!

It’s hard to estimate how long a Jelly will last, but they don’t dissolve quickly. We’d say you can easily get 15 showers out of one pot of our Shower Jelly!


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